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Maria is the founder of Virtual Health Byron. She specializes in group fitness, strength, circuit and spin. She enjoys creating workouts based on functional fitness, building strength and endurance. She has a passion for health, wellness, and community. Believes having a community pushes you past where you would go alone. 



Classes will be tough, sweaty and well worth it. Who doesn't love that post exercise endorphin hit?!

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Coach Darlene is a bit of rebel, but a rebel with a cause for physical health, well-being & happiness/mental health. A group exercise leader instructing SPIN, Bodybar, Deep Water Running, Aqua, HIIT, Circuit, Boxing, Ab Strength & Booty. Darlene not only enjoys a variety of fitness but also works with a variety of people including kids, teens & adults including pregnant & postpartum mothers. Darlene makes exercising feel more like ‘play’ & less like ‘work’ making the transition into a fitness lifestyle not only enjoyable but maintainable.

Darlene is motivated by the success of individuals growing stronger & more confident & creates a positive & supportive environment to do so. She is also hilarious! Darlene is different in that she is not genetically gifted aesthetically or athletically. Darlene rejects unrealistic body standards & rather promotes self love & self belief in achieving & maintaining a ‘happy place’ for the body & the mind.

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Jason is an Accredited Exercise Physiologist with a passion for guiding people of all ages and conditions to improved health and well being through regular activity. Exercise to increase endurance, strength and functional capacity. Assisting in maintaining independence and an improved mood state.

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